Winter Box

The ideal winter storage box as soon as the charging station is removed in winter

The box is 100% waterproof and has space for up to 5 cables with cable plugs and one with a cable press connector 314.
The box forms a perfect protection for the boundary wires and the connectors to avoid moisture in winter. The box protects the connectors from dirt, moisture, water, snow and prevents corrosion during the off-season.

Hybrid Grass Kit

Hybrid Grass Kit - 80x80cm incl. 14 bio pegs.

The Hybrid Grass gives the illusion of a healthy lawn until the natural grass takes over. Similarly, this hybrid grass provides optimised grip for improved performance in a narrow area or on slopes. This helps prevent the robotic lawnmower from getting stuck on steep inclines or other difficult areas. It also helps to minimise grass gaps for improved driving performance.

Mowing zone switch

Easy Zone Switch

The Zone Switch or Mowing Area Switch is a manual control device that allows specific areas of the mowing area to be turned on or off as needed. The Easy Mowing Zone Switch is installed by connecting three perimeter wires and screwing them firmly into the ground. By pressing the green button, a specific zone can be conveniently defined to be excluded from automatic mowing. This offers the flexibility to specifically exclude areas with a trampoline, play area, bee meadow, flower meadow or fruit trees from the mowing zone, for example.


eXtreme Long Life Safety Perimeter Wire with Bite-Through Protection - 3.8mm

This bite resistant perimeter wire is the industry's safest installation wire (perimeter wire) for robotic mowers. It is specifically designed to limit the working area of robotic mowers while providing high resistance to rodents in the ground such as voles or mechanical stress. Our perimeter wire is extra strong and resistant to rodents, weather and UV rays, so it can remain in use for years. It is particularly well suited for use in demanding environments such as large gardens, gardens abutting agricultural zones, public parks, outdoor swimming pools, football pitches, schools, break grounds or commercial areas.

Prof. Cable Tracker

Professional cable tracker for robotic lawnmower boundary wire interruption

Our professional cable tracker for all brands of robotic mowers, is a powerful tool specifically designed for finding buried cables. It is perfect for landscapers who install and maintain robotic mowers, as well as homeowners who operate their own robotic mower.

The device is easy to use and has a precise locating function that allows the user to quickly and easily find buried cables. Our cable locator is robust and durable and has been specially designed for outdoor use.

Various pegs

Corn organic pegs, organic pegs or rather plastic pegs.

Our range has expanded. NEW we do not only offer long-lasting plastic pegs, but also two organic versions, which degrade completely between approx. 6 to 24 months and thus protect nature. Depending on your needs, you will find corn organic pegs, organic pegs or plastic pegs.
Our pegs are the perfect companion and the ideal accessory for your robotic lawnmower. They are perfect for cable diameters up to 4mm and can be used universally for all common robotic lawnmowers with boundary wire technology.

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