Generator - Inverter 4.0kW

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INV4000- Generator - Inverter 4.0kW

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Generator - Inverter 4.0kW
CHF 1399,00
incl. 8,1% VAT , Free shipping

Generator - Inverter 4.0kW

Nowadays almost nothing works without electricity. We all love the luxury we are used to and only realize how dependent we are when there is no mains socket nearby.

Mobile power generators have endless applications, be it because of a blackout as an emergency power supply, when traveling with the camper, in the garden or construction sites or at a festival visit / event, everywhere it is a welcome power supplier.

Our generator inverter is an innovative power generator due to its features and advantages over conventional power generators (converters).

What does inverter mean? Briefly explained, inverter can be translated as inverter, because it reliably converts direct current into alternating current. It provides quasi electricity with the constant high quality as from a house socket.

This results in many advantages for the consumer:

  • clean power output everywhere
  • no dangerous voltage fluctuations
  • problem-free operation of highly sensitive devices such as laptops, TV sets, music systems, etc.
  • partial load operation -speed is adjusted according to consumption (economical fuel consumption)

The most important info in brief:

  • Nominal power: 3.5kW
  • Max. Power: 4.0kW
  • capacity: 225ccm
  • Fuel capacity: 12 liters (unleaded 95 gasoline)
  • Noise level (@50%): 62 dBA
  • 2x 16A sockets 230V/50Hz
  • connection for charging 12V battery
  • manual starter with starting rope
  • electric starter incl. remote control
  • voltage: 230V
  • 12V connection: 8.3A/12V
  • Swiss Edition: with Swiss type 23, IP54
  • wheels, handle
  • incl. oil


  • Weight: 39.5kg
  • Mass: L59.5xW44xH51.5cm
Manufacturer: mä
Category: Do-it-yourself
SKU: INV4000